The materialistic –

Coach, platform heels/boots, Vintage furs & Opulent jewels, Van Cleef bracelets 

The unknown & mystical – anything all about Greek mythology & Astrology, different subcultures/religions 

TV – I loveee action shows/movies, cop dramas, lawyer shows- currently watching The Rookie & Joe Pickett 

Hobbies & persona – x blogging, self wellness, photography, fashion, all things girlish; beauty & styling, literature, traveling, hip hop music, construction TikTok’s, philanthropy, trivia, fourtwenty♥️

Demeanor Description – flirty, inquisitive, talkative, encouraging, sassy

Style – feminine, classy & creative • all white outfits, sexy heels & elegant dresses 

Makeup – always chic & seductive. 

What’s My Type?

you might wonder…

I’m captivated by the idea of real love. I want to get married at some point in the future, but I’m in no rush, maybe in the next 10 years. *fingers crossed* I do not judge by physical appearance-what attracts me & keeps my attention is character. Kindhearted, health conscious, generous, “salt of the earth” kind of men are my type. A true gentleman values financial security, respects opinionated women, and upholds the “Golden Rule”. I appreciate gents who always cherish women, & not just when it comes to the bedroom. Those who listen to what I have to say, disagree respectfully and align with my persona in uplifting others with kindness & humor. I adore being spoiled- with time, attention & gifts. All 3 are paramount in keeping the spark alive! In the presence of romantic men, my heart blossoms like a delicate rose, revealing my sweetest and silliest charms.

Date Ideas 

Candlelight Concerts, Theatre, Operas, Ballets – Shows in general!

Shopping day at City Center DC

Water Sports – Private Yacht, Dinner Cruise

Dinner at a Michelin Star Restaurant

Teaching Class – Cooking, Painting, Pottery, etc.

Helicopter Tours

VIP Sporting Events – Derby’s / F1 etc.

Museum Tour

Game Day – basketball, hockey, baseball games, etc. I’ve always really wanted to go to one. No nosebleeds!

Q & A  with Hazel 

How would you describe yourself? 

inquisitive, bubbly, charismatic, sexy & mischievous. 

A beautiful mess of dreams, passions, and quirks with a kaleidoscope of emotions. I’m always sensitive to my needs & those around me

I embrace the passionate vibes of life and indulge in high humor, because life is too short for anything less- My world is filled with laughter and amusement, I am the epitome of endless joy!

What are my turn offs?

Bad hygiene. Self-centered. Bad manners. Unsupportive. Low self-esteem. Gossiping. Microaggressions. 

What are my favorite things to order?

Crab legs, oysters, porn star martinis, lobster & ribeye, truffle fries, caviar & baked potato, carrot cake, strawberry margaritas, sushi & more, I love it all!

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